Warriors of the Haedui Gallic tribe wore full armor. The legionaries of Caesar could break the armor and thrust of the gallic warriors with axes and picks only /Tacitus/. His weapons: helmet /casis/,segmented armor covering the upper torso,arms and legs, a small round shield /parmula/, sword /gladius/. His opponent: because of his gear similar to that of legionaries we picked Murmillo. In memory of the famous battle we equipped him with the double axe.


Is a weapon branch who fights against many of the gladiator types. It’s helmet similar to the murex snail.
It’s weapons: helmet, casis, sleeves, manica, short spatterdashes, ocrea, big shield, scutum, gladius sword.
Enemies: Provocator, Hoplomachus, Thraex


The name means cutting. His weapons: helmet /casis/, chain mail, scale armor or segmented armor covering the upper and lower torso and arms. Sword /gladius/, cutting hook worn on the lower arm /scissum/, greaves /ocrea/. His opponent: Retiarius


His helmet resembles a fish head. His weapons: helmet /casis/, arm sleeve /manica/, short greave /ocrea/, large shield /scutum/, sword /gladius/. His opponents: Retiarius, Laquearius


This gladiator type wears the same protective weapons as Thraex. His weapons: helmet /casis/, arm sleeve /manica/, thigh piece, small round shield /parmula/, spear /lancea/, dagger /pugio/, long greaves /ocrea/. His opponent: Murmillo


A symbolic class protected by Neptun. He represents water, and the fisherman as well. His weapons: trident /trident/, dagger /pugio/, net /rete/. His opponents: Secutor, Scissor

Retiarius II

The reconstruction of a four-pointed dagger made from a tombstone/exhibited in Bukarest/ showing a retiarius called Skirtos and a found of bones in Ephesus from a secutor, the opponent of the retiarius / I-II century A.D /. The latin name of the dagger is unknown. We show this constallation since 2008 versus retiarius and secutor.


Originates from the Dacians who used to live in the area of present day Rumania /Dacia/. Wears a griffon head on the crest of his helmet, his sword embodies the talons of the eagle. His weapons: helmet /casis/, arm sleeve /manica/, thigh pieces, rectangular small shield /parmula/, curved sword /sica/, long greaves /ocrea/. His opponent: Murmillo


The sagittarius is very rarely showed armour. We recontructed it from a friez in Florenz. They weared a pointed helmet and a “lorica hamata” the scale armour and the used reflex bows. It´s a very thrilling fight with lots of movements and sprintings. We show it since 2004.

Provocator – Provocatrix

A type developed from the specialization of the traditional weapons of the legionary. His weapons: helmet /casis/, arm sleeve /manica/, medium size shield, rectangular, or cut away at the bottom and top /scuta/, sword /gladius/, greaves /ocrea/. His opponent: Provocator, Murmillo